Ghost in the Shell: What the Media Isn’t Saying

The new film “Ghost in the Shell” was trending on Facebook yesterday, not because people are excited to see it or because reviewers thought it was great, but because the internet is buzzing about what a flop it is. According to most media outlets, the lack of box office success was due to the “white washing” of the original Japanese character. Director Rupert Sanders used white actress Scarlett Johansson in a role meant for a Japanese woman.

The decision to cast Johansson was off putting by many original fans. Lovers of anime like to see Japanese culture, and Japanese culture includes Japanese people. And yet, there’s more the mainstream media isn’t saying. It was not just white washing that caused “Ghost in the Shell” to do poorly at the box office.

Put simply: Scarlett Johansson alienated many people with her politics. Scarlett has come out pro-abortion, supporting Planned Parenthood, and is a critic of President Donald Trump. She even mocked Ivanka Trump in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Scarlett Johansson mocks Ivanka Trump on SNL

Insulting the political views of half the people in American is not likely to benefit the box office. And yet, much of the media doesn’t seem to consider that Scarlett Johansson’s politics played a part in this, and are not reporting on it.

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  1. However, Scarletts character is a robot, not a human. In the original movie, the robot does not look Japanese either. At the end of this new movie you can see the original soul/ghost, Makoto, and yes – she is played by a Japanese girl. So the white washing talk is bullshit as well.

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