Grenfell Tower – Exploitation of a Tragedy

On June 14th the Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey block of flats in London, caught fire and was quickly engulfed in flames, resulting in an unconfirmed amount of deaths. Before the dead could be recovered and counted, however, the tragedy was already being exploited politically. Legitimate protests by residents were soon hijacked by Far-Left extremists, with calls for Prime Minister Theresa May to resign.

In the rush to blame the Conservative party, several facts have been ignored which point the finger in different directions entirely. In the interest of balance, these are some important factors being ignored by Left-wing activists, and many in the mainstream media.

Malcolm Knight posted that in 2005 Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, voted against sprinklers being installed in buildings built before 2007. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order from 2005 was intended for commercial buildings, but used as a blueprint for residential buildings also. MPs vote on many obscure issues every day, but this vote had a direct impact on Grenfell Tower.

“In 2015, a spokesman for the Chief Fire Officers Association said that nobody had ever died in a fire in the UK in a property with a ‘properly installed sprinkler system working the way it’s meant to,'” the BBC reported.

Attention should also be given to Behailu Kebede, the resident whose fridge caught fire. Grenfell resident Maryam Adam claimed that Kebede knocked on her door warning her of the fire, but she noticed his packed bags in the corridor already prepared to leave. Kebede’s door was wide open, possibly preventing containment of the fire, and he allegedly got his own belongings out of his flat before warning as many people as possible, according to the Metro.

Then there’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan, known for devoting time to a Twitter spat with Donald Trump, who has a questionable record in this as well. Khan received £10,000 from a subsidiary of MCR Property Group. Part of that same group received a £14,000 fine in 2011 for failure to meet safety standards. At least four serious breaches were found at a 55-flat student housing development. Sadiq Khan took donations from a property firm which put lives at risk, according to the The Evening Standard 

Conclusion: The Grenfell tragedy didn’t have any single cause. To assign blame exclusively to one political party is exploitative and cynical. There were many factors involved, all which need to be examined to prevent this from ever happening again.

2 thoughts on “Grenfell Tower – Exploitation of a Tragedy

  1. Nobody would wish this tragedy on anyone, but the hatred and bigotry being shown to the leaders of this country is uncalled for, and unwarranted.. Nobody knows what happened yet but the immigrants living in and around that property are baying for blood, and I am so tired and sickened by it. Let the police do their work, and establish the cause of this fire before they apportion blame. Now there is more evidence that may point to the fire was started deliberately by the tenant who had the faulty washing machine, there is even less reason to blame the leaders of this country, and Theresa May in particular, she doesn’t deserve this, even by people who clearly dislike her. Yes tragically some people lost their lives, but until the cause is fully investigated and the cause established no one person should be singled out and blamed. I have never liked high rise flats, they are far more vulnerable to fire risks, but when one country is taking in more immigrants than they can cope with, and housing them in properties like this, then that country has major problems with immigration. The vote for Brexit was a vote from this country that immigration was out of control and could not continue as it was. If these people had not been living in this country {many illegally} then this awful fire would not have happened. Over to the prime minister who has done nothing to tackle immigration. The day this country voted for Brexit was a clear indication that the British people had finally realised that mass, uncontrolled immigration has not and will not work. Theresa May needs to take on board the feelings of the British people and not let one event, no matter how tragic, distract her from the realism of 9/11 and the slaughtering of innocent people in this country as in other countries, over the last years.

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