Kim Clement Passes Away

Kim Clement, a man known among charismatic Christians for his prophetic ministry, has passed away. The announcement was made at his official website, as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages. It read:

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our beloved Kim has died and passed into Glory, and is now in the presence of his Lord, his best friend, Jesus. Kim was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and complications due to his diseased lungs, and his body was just too weak to combat the illness. The support and love that you have shown to Jane and the family throughout this 16-month journey has been crucial to them having the strength to withstand the fight. We are so very grateful, and we appreciate your continued prayers for the family as they face the upcoming days. Our hearts are broken, but we cannot mention his passing without honoring and celebrating the amazing life that Kim lived. His life and ministry were a testament to the love of Christ, imparting hope to everyone who heard his voice, and continuously stretching out his hand of generosity to those hurting and in need. Kim fought a good fight, finished the race, kept the faith, and is now embracing his exceedingly great reward in Heaven.

Plans and details for a Celebration of Life service will be posted soon. Thank you for standing with Kim, Jane, their family, and all of us here at the House of Destiny. We love and cherish each and every one of you, and together we will carry the vision.

Some history: Kim was born September 30, 1956 in South Africa, and became a heroin addict by age 17. In 1974 he overdosed in the bathroom of a bar, and was robbed and stabbed. He managed to make it to the street where he fell into a ditch. Kim cried out “Jesus” but people passed him by as he lay there. Eventually a stranger – who turned out to be a Christian – stopped and drove him to the hospital.

“I was in a nightclub and someone walked up to me and stabbed me in the chest,” Kim said. “In my confusion, I staggered out into the street and collapsed. I remembered then what an Anglican minister had said to me when I was 9 years old. He said, ‘Jesus walks the streets still today. One day you will need him, just call on him and he will touch you.'”.

Kim became a Christian after this incident, and went into ministry. He is survived by his wife Jane and nine children – Donne’, Jacquelyn, Caleb, Elizabeth, Jakob and their four newly adopted children from China, Li-Ann, Mia, Kimberlyn and Matt-Yong.

4 thoughts on “Kim Clement Passes Away

  1. Pastor Jim Clemente is an amazing Ministry. He touched my life when he came to my church COTLE. The news of his passing was heart-wrenching, I pray the Lord will keep his wife and children and family and this difficult time and know that he blessed me and I’m forever thankful.

  2. Kim Clement &his wife Jane and the older kids know what persecution for the gospel is. is where you can watch video of events he prophesied well in advance that occured.
    He also prophetically addressed threats toward Israel and America. It’s impossible to document the protection we have benefitted from with his Spirit led decree against the plans of darkness.
    Much of the upcoming prosperity was revealed to as he saw God’s plan to prosper instead of destroy the U.S.
    He should be renowned for being the only voice prophesying God’s heart to preserve & prosper America while others said the opposite.
    He pioneered the online LIVE church with Jane before anyone else thought of that concept.
    As a classical musician Kim and his band show a rare anointing for prophetic worship that was not pathetic.
    His commitment to fasting and prayer for America & Israel should raise the standard of obedience for all believers and any person labeled as a prophet.
    Thousands are being touched thru his ministry outreaches, his prophecies yet to unfold, the video and musical recordings and the philantropic work done at the Kim Clement Center.

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