Palestinians ‘Don’t Want Peace, They Want Dead Jews’ says E.T. Williams

E.T. Williams, better known on YouTube as “The Doctor of Common Sense” released a video on Thursday inspired by President Donald Trump’s visit to the middle east.

“Donald Trump is visiting over in Israel. He’s paid his respect to the holocaust victims and family members,” Williams said. “But I got one thing I’d like to say. It won’t come to shock those who have their damn eyes wide open. There will never, ever be peace between the Palestinians and Israel.”

The main reason for this, according to Williams, is that the Palestinians do not want peace. “The type of hate that the Palestinians and the Muslims have towards Jews … you can forget about it.”

As for the issue of land, Williams said, “Are we really talking about this piece of land? You really think that’s the only problem? Because it’s not. They can give them all the damn land and move out, and the Palestinians still won’t be freakin’ happy. They don’t want peace. They want dead Jews.”

Full video from E.T. Williams

2 thoughts on “Palestinians ‘Don’t Want Peace, They Want Dead Jews’ says E.T. Williams

  1. Liked this guy for a long time. Of course, the fact I am Israeli helps.

    He certainly has his head screwed on straight.

    What I don’t get, is where the american neo-nazis get their conspiracy theory that we are in cahoots with islam to destroy western civilisation. How delusional can people be?

    1. I think it comes from the long held belief that’ Jews’, as opposed to Israeli’s, are the focus of all that is wrong and a convenient scapegoat. May be worth noting that Hitler did not see the Arabs as a foe but as an ally with a common enemy. This idea may well have permeated through to the present Neo-Nazi belief system.

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