Special Needs Man Tortured, Cut, and Forced to Drink Toilet Water by Racist Thugs

A white special needs man was held captive by four black thugs in Chicago who beat him, cut his scalp, berated him, and forced him to drink from the toilet. They hit him and kicked him. They taped his mouth shut, and mocked him while yelling racial insults at him. He was held captive for at least 24 hours, possibly up to 48 hours. One of the four, Brittany Herring,  streamed some of this torture live on Facebook as the four laughed while the young, vulnerable man suffered.

Regular people are getting the word out about this, though the mainstream media and police seem to be downplaying the racial elements of the crime. Youtube and social media keep deleting the videos, so we do not know how long these will remain available.

NOTE: Youtube removed the video we had up earlier, so we have changed to a different source.

WARNING: Disturbing footage

Mark Dice gives his opinion on youtube…

One thought on “Special Needs Man Tortured, Cut, and Forced to Drink Toilet Water by Racist Thugs

  1. I see he put Mexican in this predicament situation he must be byas well let me say nor white or black or Mexican you define them by color but not by the there actions no matter how you define this you prejudiced bigot it has nothing to do with color it has something to do with how people are in all Races we got your good your Bad and the Ugly and you must be ugly so get it right get your story right I’m not happy with you and all Races you got your good and you got your bad it has nothing to do with color nothing open your eyes let me pray for you because you’re blind to them to the reality of life

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