Trump Tells Middle East Muslims to Drive out Islamist Terrorists

The 2016 campaign rhetoric was off the chart dripping with venom over Donald Trump. Much of what was reported as news was actually projected opinions. Today the prophetic nature of the anti-Trump news anchors was blatantly proved to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

President Trump was warmly received and honored in Saudi Arabia. It was loudly lamented by the alphabet news channels that he would never be accepted in Muslim countries for daring to identify Islamist terrorists as such. That was more or less their own hopes and desires being projected in an attempt to undermine his future effectiveness.

There was a stark difference in the demeanor of President Trump when he met with King Salman than when the previous president went to Saudi Arabia. Can anyone forget the humiliating image of former President Obama bowing before the king?

The tone of the speech made by Trump was presidential and respectful as he called on the Muslim countries to drive out the Islamist terrorist from their midst. It took courage for him to stand in the Middle East, in a Muslim country, to boldly identify the enemy of the civilized world as Islamist. President Trump was simply stating the obvious, but the politically correct are insanely in denial of what most of the world recognizes. Most people understand that Muslims, Christians, and secular people within the reach of fanatical Islamists are in mortal danger of suffering barbaric atrocities.

It seems to distress the news anchors of mainstream media to acknowledge that President Trump was treated with respect. To me that speech represented a new beginning for our respective countries to move forward with renewed commitment to strive for peace for those who are being persecuted. By openly identifying our mutual enemy, there is hope we can move forward together with eradicating this cancer of Islamic terrorism.

Trump tells Middle East to ‘drive out’ Islamist extremists

Gloria Cox is writer and co-host of The Girls From Texas, a conservative political talk show

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