92,000 Wild Horses May Die Unless People Contact Senators

On Friday, Christian author and speaker Kat Kerr posted information on how to save the lives of thousands of horses and other animals.

“There are many wonderful and needy causes to give your time and money to,” Kerr said, “but we have decided to help by making you aware of … a group that has a great proposal to rescue and help heal wounded vets, wild horses facing extinction, and military dogs that have come back from battle.”

Kerr said several bills and proposals are in the process of being voted on that could decide the future of thousands of animals, and that while she was in Reno she was taken to see some of these horses still running free. According to Kerr, the horses “are now being pursued to end their lives.”

“Like taking down historic statues, they want to annihilate all wild horse and burros. We have win win scenarios that solve all the problems,” MT Cannon said. “Senate is voting this week! Ask everyone you know to call their senator and tell them to vote NO to Wild Horse slaughter and vote YES to Wild Horse Parks!”

Save 92,000 Wild Horses

Phone number for senator: 202-224-3121.
For further information, contact Montana at onetruthcannon@gmail.com