Abortionist Praised By Pope For Work With Refugees Wants Liberal Migration Policy in Italy

Emma Bonino, an Italian abortionist, praised by Pope Francis in 2016 as a “forgotten great” because of her work with refugees, was allowed to give a presentation at a Catholic Parish on Wednesday while pro-lifers were locked out.

“Between her abortion activism and being an abortionist herself, Bonino is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of roughly six million Italian babies between 1968 and today,” LifeSiteNews reported.

Bonino’s presentation at the Church of San Defendente, Ronco di Cassato, was part of events observing World Refugee Day 2017, since Bonino has recently taken up the cause of mass migration to Italy from Africa and the Middle East.

Emma Bonino

Bonino is not someone you’d expect to speak at a Catholic church. In addition to being an abortionist, she was on the forefront of the sexual revolution, and was able to enter politics thanks to the media support she received after being arrested for criminal gang and induced abortion in aggravating circumstances in 1975. More recently she served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and has also been a member of European Parliament.

“As a hardline feminist, she identified herself with the well-known slogan of a feminist demonstration in Rome on December 6th, 1975: ‘No longer wives, mothers and daughters! Let’s destroy the family!’ She put this slogan into action with various political projects,” according to a dossier compiled by the Italian pro-life group Famiglia Domani.

Bonino, who co-founded the Information Centre for sterilisation and abortion (CISA) in which she personally contributed to performing 10,000 illegal abortions, now wants more Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. She believes they’re necessary for Italy’s survival due to low Italian birthrates.

The irony of this was not lost on one man who was kicked out of the meeting.

“I merely said out loud that, with her abortion choices, she is among those responsible for the population decline,” Alberto Cerutti told Intelligonews, “at which point I was forcibly escorted out of the church.”

Pope Francis says Bonino “is the person who understands Africa best” and who has “offered the best service to Italy through understanding Africa.”

Bonino recently spoke to the Financial Times about Pope Francis: “As long as he lasts, as long as he hangs on, it is less of a stepmother, it is more inclusive. I’m not practicing, I’m not even Catholic, but my family is. They felt rejected and now they feel much more welcome.”

Notorious abortionist lauded by Pope Francis to speak at Catholic church in Italy
Just who is that abortionist Pope Francis praised?

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