AFP Article Repeats Fake News of Trump Mocking Reporter’s Disability

Yahoo News published an article from AFP News Agency on Monday called ‘Choose kindness,’ Melania Trump tells schoolkids. The article, however, does not seem to be about Melania, but a vehicle for the writer to present President Trump as a bully and repeat the fake news that Trump mocked a reporter’s disability.

“Donald Trump’s detractors may label him one of the world’s most powerful bullies, but that did not discourage America’s first lady from championing the fight against bullying at a Detroit area school on Monday,” AFP said. “Melania Trump has publicly embraced the anti-bullying cause at the risk of drawing unfavorable parallels with a president who routinely resorts to brutal personal attacks and name-calling both on and off social media.”

AFP went on to talk about President Trump displaying “a propensity to attack personal traits of his opponents — be it their stature, ethnic origin or even in one notorious case the physical disability of a reporter.”

“Your fact checking on this story is indeed shoddy,” a man named Michael commented. “The part about the disabled reporter has been disproved many times. Ann Coulter revealed this invented lie in her 8/31/16 column. So, this is not news but fake news and it’s more an editorial hit piece. Learn something about Journalism.”

“So the story is about your hatred of Donald Trump,” another commented. “The bit about Melania is just an excuse to write yet another hit piece for your masters.”

A man named Randolph disagreed with those who criticized the article, however. “Looks like a lot of Russian trolls and right wing lemmings out tonight,” he said.

Mark Dice shows that President Trump did not mock a reporter’s disability