Antifa ‘Modern Day KKK’ says Diamond and Silk

Lynnette Hardway and Rochelle Richardson, two sisters from North Carolina better known as “Diamond and Silk,” have something to say to Democrats, protesters, and the people shutting down free speech.

Diamond and Silk

“Hey ya’ll. So I know that you all been hearing about people trying to shut down people’s free speech. Well, it looks like the Left has a group called Antifa, and they’re going around shouting people down, trying to shut down people’s free speech.

You know this reminds me of back in the day when there was somebody walking around with white hoods on their heads, and white sheets on their backs and calling themselves the KKK. They were doing that to terrorize and intimidate, to manipulate people. And it looks like this is the new modern day KKK because now we have them dressed up in black, almost an ISIS-like type with black hats on their heads.

See, it was the Democrats that created the KKK back then, and now they’re using this group called Antifa to create the same type of atmosphere…”

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