Antisemitism in France: Professor Says Authorities are Afraid to Name the Source

French Jews live in constant insecurity, but authorities are too afraid to name the source of the antisemitism, according to Guy Millière, professor at the University of Paris and author of 27 books on France and Europe.

In the last five years 250 Jews were murdered in France by Muslims, such as Sarah Halimi, an elderly woman tortured and killed in her Paris home, then thrown out the window by a man shouting “Allahu akbar.” Halimi told the police many times she was receiving anti-Semitic threats but, according to Millière, the French justice system tried to cover-up the anti-Semitic nature of her murder.

“There was almost no news coverage of the murder of Sarah Halimi when it took place. There was more on the murder of Mireille Knoll, but almost none referred to the cause of her murder,” Millière said. “The fear that neutralizes French politicians and journalists is: Being accused of ‘Islamophobia.’”

The 85-year-old Mrs Knoll, a more recent example of antisemitism, was raped, tortured, and stabbed 11 times by a young Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” while he did it. The elderly lady escaped the Auschwitz death camp barely, but still ended up dying by the hands of a Jew-hater, a young man she’d known since he was a boy.

“My mother accepted everyone. Even the neighbor who murdered her, she has known since he was seven years old,” Mrs Knoll’s son Daniel said. “When he was a boy, he helped her. At first, we weren’t sure [the murder] was due to antisemitism. We waited for police to say it, and now we know the truth.”

According to Millière these killers seem to know they can threaten their future victims without fear of arrest, and “more often than not, the police do not even record the complaints of Jews who go to the police station, but simply note in the daybook that a Jew claiming threats came and went.”

Millière also said French authorities are quick to point out when accused murderers have no apparent connection to jihadists, but that they “never speak of the only antisemitism that today in France kills Jews: Islamic antisemitism.”

“If the murderer is a Muslim, he is usually described as suddenly ‘radicalized.’ The word ‘radicalized’ is now used to describe Muslim killers,” Millière said. “It allows those who use it to avoid the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam.’”