BBC Hiring Journalists in London, But Only If Your Skin is the Right Colour

Want to be a writer? Trainee journalists are being sought for a “12 month opportunity for budding news junkies to gain hands on experience at a national and international level with the iconic BBC World Service.”

If you’re young, why not go for it? Just make sure your skin is the right colour before you apply, because this internship is only open to certain races of people.

Fake news? Conspiracy theory? Nope. These are the exact words taken from the jobs section of w4mp:

“This internship is only open to candidates from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background.”

So if you’re a young white person, do not apply. They don’t want your kind ’round there.

Westmonster described it as “the latest of such internships that excludes poor white working class kids from applying, whilst giving opportunities to other wealthy youngsters as long as they have a different colour skin.”

As outrageous as this may sound, it is not just the media discriminating against white people. The British Transport Police recently barred white men from attending recruitment workshops showing that, sadly, in the modern day UK, discriminating against white people is not only acceptable to many, but encouraged and openly practiced by the BBC and the police.