Bill Nye the SJW Guy?

Some may remember the American television show Bill Nye the Science Guy which aired from 1993-1998. Nye played a bow-tie, lab coat wearing scientist, and the show was viewed by children. It combined educational science and action humor.

These days, however, Bill Nye seems less of a science guy and more of an SJW guy.

“‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’s’ new Neflix show ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ produced the most awful music performance in the history of the human race. Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the rapper, and it’s about gender identity,” says broadcaster Mark Dice.

The performance that Dice speaks of seems like a comedy skit; and yet, it’s actually not satire!

A sample of the lyrics:

This one goes out to all my bipeds who identify as ladies
This world of ours is full of choice
But must I choose between only John or Joyce?
Are my options only hard or moist?
My vagina has its own voice

Dice also shows a clip from the show featuring creepy cartoon ice cream cones having a sexual conversation.

“These people should be in jail or a mental hospital,” Dice said.

See the video

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Selfie at The White House 2014

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