Bosu Body Bar Gives all Leftover Food to the Homeless Each Day

The owners of the Bosu Body Bar in Manchester do not want anyone to feel cold, lonely or hungry this winter, so have decided to help the city’s homeless population by giving all of their leftover food away each day.

The bar has been leaving brown paper bags filled with food on the street, and urges anyone who sees a hungry person in Manchester or Didsbury to let them know where they can find a meal.

“Siblings Sarah and Michael Beck and business partners Oliver Drummond and Josef Ramzi-Faddoul have now launched The Bosu Project to help people in need by giving away any leftover food at the end of the day,” The Manchester Evening News reported. “Their simple act of kindness has gone viral after they posted a picture of some takeaway bags outside the Cross Street shop.”

Michael said he was surprised at the attention this was getting on social media. “We’re not the only ones doing it, and we’re certainly not the only people who care about people in need,” he said. “But hopefully other people who have seen it will now do the same.”

Note: The Manchester Evening News reported that the leftover food from Bosu Body Bar will now be given to local homeless charities rather than left outside. This is the make sure it goes to the people who need it most, and is kept at the right temperature.

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