Breitbart Shows Pictures of Burning MAGA Hats

On Friday, the front page of Breitbart showed a large photo of a red MAGA hat on fire with the headline “🔥 Trump Supporters Begin 🔥 Burning MAGA Hats in Protest Against Amnesty-For-No-Wall Deal with Dems,” and underneath in quotes, “You have become the swamp.”

“Trump has sold millions of hats so there are many more to burn if Trump goes ahead with the vaguely described plan to support the Democrats big ‘dream’ amnesties in exchange for token improvements to border security — despite his campaign-winning, pro-American, immigration-reform-and-border-wall platform,” Neil Munro, the writer of the article said.

Munro said the hat-burning “may presage a huge demoralization among Trump’s loyal followers, and cause his support to drop down to the basement levels achieved by President Goerge W. Bush.”

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