Christian Leader Encourages Prayer For Kim Jong-un and His Sister

Christian speaker Charles Shamp, who recently had an in-depth dream about North Korea, believes something shocking is coming from that country, and that Christians should pray for Kim Jong-un and sister Kim Yo-jong.

“We can see by a study of the Bible that God has many ways of communicating with His sons and daughters,” Shamp explained, and said one of those ways was through the avenue of dreams.

“The book of Job chapter thirty three describes how God speaks through dreams,” Shamp said.

Shamp dreamed he was speaking with dictator Kim Jong-un, and told the Korean leader his destiny and purpose was “not as a dictator but a liberator.” The dream ended with Shamp praying with both Jong-un and sister Yo-jong.

Shamp believed one part of his dream, which involved interrupted communications, may serve has a warning about the communication between North Korea and President Donald Trump.

“The enemy would love to stir up miscommunication and cut communications between North Korea and America before a true discussion can be brought forth,” Shamp said. “I can even see hindrances being connected to the media and how they tend to twist things.”

“We are at a critical time in human history and we desperately need to pray this situation through to victory,” Shamp said. “We need to pray for the conversion of Kim and his sister to the Lord, as well as pray all forms of communication stay open so that God’s will can come to pass for this nation. It is my deepest desire to see transformation for Korea.”

Charles Shamp is the co-founder and President of Destiny Encounters International. According to his website, he has accurately predicted presidential elections, natural disasters, government corruptions and terrorism plots.

Shamp’s dream about North Korea can be read at the Elijah List.