Christian Leader Johnny Enlow Says There is a Renewed Battle for the Soul of America

There is a renewed battle for the soul of America, according to Christian leader Johnny Enlow of Restore7 Ministry.

In a write up for the Elijah List, Enlow said Liberty and Justice will be warred over – and that Liberty and Justice will win.

“Devious, demonic forces have targeted unhealed wounds in many otherwise decent people and people groups and have manipulated them into being part of a misinformed initiative to sabotage roots of Justice and Liberty in the United States of America,” Enlow said. “Twisted narratives have been spun inciting even violent responses, and the enemy has desired and purposed to stir up a de facto civil war. He will ultimately fail in his objectives, but it becomes important for those called by His name to agree with God and overcome evil with good.”

The wrong response for Christians would be to  rise up angrily and divisively, Enlow said, but it would also be wrong to remain passive.

“This is not a time for ANY kind of passivity,” Enlow said. “There may be instances where it is in fact important to show up in the streets and be a visible evidence of light. As this takes place, it becomes equally important to not be antagonistic or violent, but to show up in strength of numbers and resolve. Insulting and mocking is out, but firm resilience is in.”

“Liberty and Justice have been greatly challenged . . . but Liberty and Justice are going to greatly triumph,” he said.