Christian of Pakistani Origin Beaten Unconscious – Believes Attack Came From Muslims Who Viewed Him as Infidel

Tajamal Amar, 46, a Christian of Pakistani origin, was beaten unconscious last week in a car park, and believes his attackers were Muslim men who considered him a kaffir (infidel).

“Mr Amar, remembers being stared at by a group of Muslim men who seemed to be taking offence at the cross in his vehicle and the two large poppies that were displayed on the front of his car,” BPC reported.

Amar is a delivery driver in Derby, and is not very clear on what happened, but seems to have been hit on top of the head, and beaten more after he was unconscious. The attack happened outside of a popular restaurant on a Friday night, and police would like more witnesses to come forward.

“I am a Christian. Because of the poppies on my car, because of the cross in my car, I have been hit. I put poppies on my vehicle because I support British forces for their good work around the world and I really salute them, British forces,” Amar said.

Amar regained consciousness in the hospital, and suffered a broken nose, and internal bleeding.

From The Sunday Times

“They see that I am Pakistani and they see I am a Christian man, and when they see the poppies on my car they don’t accept me like that.”

Amar, who fled Pakistan in 2007 after being shot because of his faith, said he had been advised by police to move his wife and daughter to a new address. But he said that rather than remove the two poppies, which are fixed permanently to the front of his silver Toyota Corolla, he would display four. “That is not going to stop me. This is Great Britain,” he said.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said Amar was “living in fear” for adhering to his Christian faith.

Milton Crosdale, a deacon at Pear Tree Road Baptist Church in Derby, where Amar is a regular worshipper, visited him in hospital a day after the attack. Crosdale said such an incident was not typical of the area, a view shared by Fareed Hussain, a local Labour councillor, who is Muslim.

Derbyshire police did not respond to questions about the assault, including whether it was being treated as a hate crime.

On October 26, the BPC started a petition to protect Non-Muslims, demanding the British Government add a new classification of crime to the Race and religious hate crime Act 2006.

“We desire protection for Non-Muslims from the growing number of radicalized Muslims in Britain, under a new classification of hate crime for Kaffirophobia,” the petition states. “We also Petition the UK Government to initiate a hate crime inquiry into the increasing level of Kaffirophobia across the country.”