Co-founder of Terror Group Hamas said Calling the Actions of the Palestinians on the Gaza Border Peaceful is a Clear Deception

Much of the mainstream media have portrayed the Palestinians rioting on the border of Gaza as peaceful protesters, but the terror group Hamas who are leading it have a different perspective.

“Eighty percent of the Palestinians killed while attacking the Israeli border were Hamas terrorists,” JL Foxsten, a freelance journalist for SevenStar News, said. “So why didn’t our mainstream media report this? Instead, a virtue signalling Theresa May calls for an inquiry, and the media blames Israel. It even gave them a chance for another pop at Trump.”

Israel’s Prime Minister gave his own message about Hamas on Monday about what’s really going on at the Gaza border.

From PM Benjamin Netanyahu:

Ready for a real shocker? I completely agree with the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization who’ve said this over the past few days. Mahmoud al Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, said that calling the actions of the Palestinians on the Gaza border “peaceful” is a clear “deception.” His words. “This is not peaceful resistance,” he said.

I agree. Shooting guns and lobbing explosives at Israelis isn’t peaceful at all.

Or take Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. He said the aim of the riots is to “tear down Israel’s border and tear out their hearts.”

I agree that destroying Israel and killing innocent Israelis is his true goal.

Well, how about Senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil? He said that 50 out of the 60 Palestinians killed Monday, that’s over 80% of Hamas. In other words, members of a terrorist organization, the same Hamas that has called for genocide of every single Jew.

I agree that Israel targets terrorists. Now, if you don’t believe me, or if you don’t believe the leaders of Hamas, just take a look at this video. Palestinians break through Israel’s security fence – some of them waving meat-cleavers. “O Jews,” they shout. “We’re coming to slaughter you!”

This is what we are defending our families against. And you would do exactly the same.