Counter Terrorism Police Stop Three Females Plotting Islamic Terror Attack in London

Counter Terrorism police have stopped an Islamic terrorist plot from a mother and her two daughters who planned to launch an attack on the British Museum in central London.

“Safaa Boular, 18, had been trying to reach Syria in order to marry an ISIS fighter, but when her attempt was foiled by police, she turned to plotting a suicide bomb and gun attack on the British Museum,” Mark White of Sky News reported. “Her older sister Rizlaine, 22, and her mother Mina Dich pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to taking over the plot and planning their own attack, after Safaa was arrested by police in April last year.”

Safaa was in an online relationship with Naweed Hussain, a man originally from Coventry who was now fighting for the Islamic terror group ISIS in Syria. The two shared sexually explicit photos as well as violent ones, such as Hussain attending ISIS executions.

A MI5 bug at the Boular home recorded Safaa and her mother laughing about the Westminster attack that five people were murdered in, and Rizlaine and Mina Dich visited the supermarket to buy kitchen knives to stab a police officer with.

“The trio’s desire to become Britain’s first all-female terrorist attackers was ultimately foiled by many months of investigation and surveillance by counter terrorism police and the security services,” White said.

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