Couple Charged With Rape and Murder of 14 Year Old Adopted Daughter

Sarah Packer and her boyfriend Jacob Sullivan from Abington, Pennsylvania are being charged with raping and murdering Grace Packer, the woman’s 14 year old adopted daughter.

Grace Packer

Jacob Sullivan confessed to the crime on Sunday while in Abington Memorial Hospital after a failed suicide pact he made with Sarah Parker. Sullivan admitted that both he and Sarah were responsible for Grace’s death. The couple allegedly planned this murder for a year in order to fulfill a dark sexual fantasy, and in July they carried it out as Sullivan raped Grace while Sarah Packer watched. Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said “This was a sexual fantasy that was shared between Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer, and Grace Packer was the object of that rape-murder fantasy.”

The murder took place in the couple’s rented property in Quakertown where, after they raped the girl, they allegedly gave her pills, bound and gagged her, and left her in a closet in the hot attic to die. The two then left the rented property, but returned the next morning to find Grace still breathing. Sullivan reportedly strangled the girl then, and buried her body in cat food where they kept her hidden for four months.

Sarah Packer continued to collect social security checks on Grace’s behalf for $712 a month, though decided to report the girl missing three days after the murder. She told police that Grace ran away from home after an argument, and had stolen $300.

When police came to the Quakertown home to follow up on the investigation of the missing girl, Packer and Sullivan decided to move the body. “…they used a saw Packer had purchased to cut up Grace in a bathtub. They put her remains in plastic totes and drove on back roads, pulling over to dispose of her body parts when they saw a clearing on the road in Luzerne County, the court filings allege,” reported. The body was later discovered by two hunters on Halloween.

Investigation of this crime is still ongoing, and Weintraub has not ruled out the possibility of other alleged accomplices.

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