Couple Talk Man out of Suicide Jump: ‘I Wanted Him to Realize That People Did Care in This World’

Liam McGhee, 22, and Lucy Spencer, 25, spent around two hours talking a man out of a suicide jump from the West Street car park in Blackpool. The two ate at Nando’s on Tuesday, and were on their way to the cinema when they saw a crowd gathered to watch a young man perched on top of a high wall.

McGhee said he knew he had to do something, so ran to the entrance in West Street and up the stairs.

“But when he saw me he wasn’t happy,” McGhee said. “He told me to leave him alone and let him get on with it.”

Spencer joined McGhee, and the two spoke to the distressed man for two hours to encourage him. They wanted to pull him away from the edge, but were afraid if they got too close he would jump.

When police arrived they nodded to McGhee and Spencer to keep the young man talking.

“At first he was pretty sober but he had a bottle of something with him and he was starting to get drunk. I got a bit nearer and I managed to pull him down. We ended up sort of hugging and then the police came in,” McGhee said. “I just wanted to help him, I wanted him to realize that people did care in this world.”

The Blackpool Police thanked McGhee and Spencer for their bravery and compassion, and said that taking the time to speak to the man prevented a more serious outcome.

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