Customer Takes Down Shooter in Texas Sports Bar

James Jones, 48, entered the Zona Caliente sports bar in Arlington, Texas on Wednesday armed with two guns and multiple knives. He opened fire inside, killing Cesar Perez, 37, a man he didn’t even know.

Jones appeared “ready to go on a deadly rampage” according to Blue Lives Matter, and was yelling about “F—-ing Mexicans.” Witnesses said they believed they would be next as Jones seemed to scan the diner for more victims.

Fortunately, a man with a concealed carry permit was there eating with his wife at the time. The man saw Jones, told his wife to get down, and then shot Jones from behind, killing him.

“The hero is not seeking recognition for his courageous act,” said Blue Lives Matter, but has asked to remain anonymous. He is “overwhelmed and relieved” to have kept Jones from killing more people.

Active Shooter Opens Fire In Sports Bar, Unfortunately For Him, He Forgot He Was In Texas

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