D. James Kennedy Ministries Files Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center For Labeling it a ‘Hate Group’

The Christian pro-family organization D. James Kennedy Ministries is filing a defamation lawsuit against the leftist organization, Southern Poverty Law Center, for labeling it a “hate group.”

D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJMK) was put on the SPLC list, along with dozens of others, for opposing the LGBTQ agenda, radical Islam, and uncontrolled immigration. On SPLC’s “hate groups” list, Christian ministries are included alongside racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

DJMK filed the lawsuit on August 10 in federal District Court in Alabama, and also named Amazon.com, AmazonSmile Foundation, and GuideStar USA, organizations that rely on SPLC’s “hate” designation to decide if a group is ineligible for charitable donation programs.

DJKM’s CEO Frank Wright said in a statement that by SPLC’s criteria “both Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. were haters too — simply because their devout Christian convictions guided their views on human life, human sexuality, and marriage,” he said. “The SPLC should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, they are not.”

“Forcing conservatives and Christians to plead defensively, ‘I’m not … ‘ is part of the SPLC’s propaganda strategy,” Peter LaBarbera from LifeSiteNews said.

“Denying that you are a ‘hater’ when the most powerful forces in society — media, corporations, academia — are matter-of-factly echoing the SPLC smear — is sort of like denying that you beat your wife,” LaBarbera said. “You would never beat your wife — you are called to love her sacrificially as Christ loved the Church — but suddenly you are accused of having abused her, by an organization lionized by the press.”

Recently, CNN published the SPLC list, even though this list inspired the first armed domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C. five years ago. Gunman Floyd Lee Corkins picked his target from SPLC’s “hate” list, and stormed into Family Research Council intending to kill as many people as possible because SPLC listed the organization as “anti-gay.”

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, said the CNN report with the SPLC list had zero legitimacy, but served “to falsely label millions of conservatives as haters and may put them at risk as well.”

Current headlines on SPLC’s home site urge the removal of Confederate monuments, and a petition against President Trump demanding he “take responsibility for the hate he’s unleashed.”

Christian ministry sues for defamation over ‘hate group’ designation
Southern Poverty Law Center