David Shulkin Has Briefing About Veterans: Press Ask About Trump and Nazis Instead

David Shulkin who has been United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs since February, gave a briefing to the press about veterans on Wednesday. Congress just passed, and President Trump just signed, a new bill which made huge improvements for veterans.

The press, however, did not want to speak about veterans, but about President Trump, Charlottesville and Nazis.

Shulkin made it clear he did not speak for President Trump, but politely answered all of the off-topic questions from the press who seemed to show no interest in the subject at hand.

Secretary David Shulkin faces the press

YouTubers react:

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. It has no place in America. -Trump 8/12/2017

“This attack on our President is clearly from the Fake News Media. Anything they can do to twist a story they will do, which is why none of us believe them,” Kim Wal said. “The media here is dishonoring our cherished veterans by refusing to dig deep on what the improvements are for their care, and what the next step should be to insure our bravest and best and their families are taken care of. Ask about our VETS now, or shut up!”

Aqua Raine criticized how Shulkin handled the conference. “This is ridiculous. A press conference about our vets, and once again the vultures are just looking for another spin … Do you spokesmen not know how children are to be disciplined? Be smart. Don’t answer these questions for them. If you can’t handle children and steer children back to the topic of discussion, you can’t handle your job. Fail.”

Another YouTubers had some choice words for the media.

“The ‘news media’ are nothing but the propaganda wing of the DemoCRAP party,” a poster named John said. “This ‘press briefing’ is supposed to be about how the Administration, and specifically Secretary Shulkin, are addressing the horrendous shortcomings of our veteran’s health care. And what are these fascists trolling for? ‘Do you agree with racist Trump and how he delayed his comments re: the neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the klan? Do you agree that these people are the keystone of his electoral victory?’ Yeah. And, what about the leftists that attacked without warning with clubs and fists? Why isn’t the ‘news media’ swarming Chuck Shumer’s office and asking him to denounce Antifa? BLM? Where’s Pelosi’s denunciation of the left wing hate groups? Obama?…. Where’s your denunciation of the Leftist hate groups?”

Press briefings like this one cause some people to wonder. If journalists have no intention of asking questions about the topic at hand, why even have these briefings to begin with?