‘Dear White People’ – A Netflix Original

Netflix released a new series. It’s called “Dear White People” and is based on an indie film of the same name. According to Netflix, the series “satirizes post racial America as students of color navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.”

To say some are not pleased is an understatement. At the time of this writing, the trailer for “Dear White People” has 3,500 likes, and nearly 71,000 dislikes on youtube. Most of the critical comments are being removed, but one that remains (for the time being) came from David Westernall who said:

“So you deleted my comment because I’m black and said I disagree with racism in all its forms. Can’t upset the narrative now can we? Cancelled our Netflix earlier today due to this. Instead of deleting comments, perhaps you should try introspection as to why this race baiting garbage hurts the black community. Not easy for you rich folks to do though; you prefer divisive virtue signalling as that makes you feel better. Stop your race baiting. You cause more racism and harm to America.”

Another was from youtube broadcaster Mark Dice who said he’d be posting a video response to this “anti-white social justice warrior garbage” in the morning.

Trailer for ‘Dear White People’ a Netflix Original

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