Dispatcher Steals Money Raised For Paralyzed Officer – Blows over $9,500 Gambling

April Briscuso, 40, who helped organize fundraisers to benefit a paralyzed police officer, Craig Tudor, was charged December 5 for stealing the money, and is being held on $75,000 bail. Briscuso admitted she took cash intended for Tudor to a casino, and lost it gambling.

“St. Louis County police say between June and September, Briscuso organized several fundraisers for Tudor, and admitted to stealing at least $9,500, according to court documents,” Christine Byers of the St Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “She told investigators she took cash donations to gamble at casinos.”

Tudor and his wife, Christine, said the only proceeds they received were from checks written directly to them. According to investigators, Briscuso told donors to make checks payable to her even after the Tudors told her to stop doing that.

From the St Louis Post-Dispatch

Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall allowed Briscuso to resign Nov. 30. She made $47,756 a year there and received more than $2,800 for unused days off and sick days when she resigned. Hall did not immediately respond to messages, so it’s unclear whether Briscuso resigned while still being investigated or if the internal affairs investigation was completed.

Her resignation means she will be entitled to her pension. She worked as a dispatcher for the city for 11 years.

The Tudors said a GoFundMe account that was set up shortly after the crash is the only donation site that directly benefits them. It has raised about $34,000. Donations can also be made at any U.S. Bank.