Dr Peter Gammons Offers ‘Home Church’ Online

For those who can’t get to a church, or for people who simply like to have bible teaching at home in a relaxed non-churchy atmosphere, Dr. Peter Gammons is now doing personal broadcasts on Facebook.

Peter Gammons is an evangelist, and bible scholar. He’s spoken to crowds of more than 4 million people at a time (yes, really!), and has written more than 100 books and bible commentaries. Because of this, one might think Peter’s ‘Home Church’ broadcasts would be some fancy, polished production. They’re not!

Basically, Peter sits in front of a camera and talks to us. His broadcasts feel more like a friend sitting down for a chat than a sermon. Yes, he’s teaching the bible, but there’s no camera men, no special lighting, no emotional music, no drama – just Peter in his casual clothes, chilling out with the rest of us. We like that! Dr. Gammons’ ‘Home Church’ posts are public, so if you follow him on Facebook you can see them when he comes out with new ones.

Home Church on Facebook
Dr. Peter Gammons’ Official Website

Peter Gammons on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural back in 2012

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