Reporter Claims Liverpool UKIP Account With 183 Followers ‘Manages to Offend Absolutely Everyone’

Liam Thorp, political reporter for the Liverpool Echo, spoke for “everyone” on Wednesday as the headline of his latest article declared “Liverpool UKIP twitter account manages to offend absolutely everyone with bizarre comments” after which he complained that an account claiming to represent the Liverpool branch of UKIP has “been accused of repeatedly publishing racist, homophobic and generally abusive messages.”

@LiverpoolUKIP is the Twitter account Thorp refers to, and it does not have a blue check mark from Twitter to indicate it officially represents UKIP. That does not mean it doesn’t, however. Twitter stopped verifying people recently, and is often accused of refusing to give the blue check to politically incorrect accounts, something this Liverpool Twitter page proudly claims to be. Whether @LiverpoolUKIP is officially from UKIP or not is undetermined, but at the time of this writing they only have 183 followers.

Echo reporter Thorp, who doesn’t appear to share the political views of UKIP since he belongs to the “We Support Jeremy Corbyn” group on Facebook, took screenshots of some of the tweets from the Liverpool account which he said sent out “a steady stream of bizarre and offensive messages in recent weeks – with offensive comments about women, Asian people and even beggars.”

“The tweets were reported to UKIP’s head office by local Labour council candidate Paul Kenyon – who shared a bizarre response from party official David Challice with the ECHO,” Thorp said. “The official response about the offensive tweets stated: ‘Thank you for your enquiry but I’m afraid that Head Office has no information on individual Twitter accounts. Strictly between ourselves, Head Office considers Twitter and Facebook as the spawn of the devil, reeking of brimstone and the pit.’”

One of the screenshots Thorp took to use as an example of the tweets he claimed offended “absolutely everyone,” was a comment to Liz Parsons, the council’s Mayoral Lead for Community Safety. The tweet referred to Parsons as “luv.”

Another tweet that offended Thorp said: “It’s the next step of their Marcusian crusade. Why stop at empowering women, race, gays, etc? Why not ugly people, gingers, or the obsese?”

Thorp reported that the owner of the Twitter account was contacted and claimed there was “nothing illegal, false or defamatory” in any of the tweets, and added that if serving council spent less time virtue signalling and playing identity politics and got on with actually improving Liverpool, then they wouldn’t have to comment.