Washington Examiner Editor Says #MeToo Reporting Should Stop Ignoring When Alleged Offenders are Married

Timothy P. Carney, author and commentary editor at the Washington Examiner, said on Thursday that the media should stop ignoring when alleged perpetrators of sexual misconduct are married because “emotionally the same action in different contexts can have different levels of harm and culpability.”

Carney pointed out that if a married man is trying to pick up a staffer, there is a second victim – the man’s his wife – and he’s also more likely to be thinking of the woman he’s hitting on as a sexual object.

Alleged perpetrators of sexual misconduct have in some cases described their actions as a come on or romantic gesture, but “that defense, though, evaporates if the guy is married. Grabbing the girl’s thigh, if it could ever be interpreted as a first expression of interest in a personal and intimate relationship, cannot be so considered if the guy is already married. It’s clear he just wants sex,” Carney said. “It’s 100 percent clear he’s not treating this woman as a person, but as simply flesh.”

Carney also said that “old married dudes” ought to be safe.

“A young female actress or journalist ought to be able to let her guard down if the dude she’s talking to and sharing with has a wife, lives in the suburbs, and has gray hair. He’s not supposed to be on the prowl.”

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