Editors Defy Wiki Founder to Target Mark Dice

Mark Dice, who has a YouTube following of over 980,000 subscribers, posted on Facebook about editors of Wikipedia censoring and discriminating against him.

Censorship on Wikipedia.

Not long ago I called out the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, on Twitter over editors not allowing me to be called a “media analyst” by repeatedly undoing changes and then locking the page to prevent any more fixes. We then exchanged DMs on Twitter and he surprisingly, and graciously, updated the article HIMSELF and used citations to reports from Fox News, the Washington Times, and the Daily Caller as the sources, all of which call me a media analyst. His username is Jimbo Wales, and his updates can be seen if you check the page’s history tab.

On Tuesday, editors over ruled him, and deleted any reference to me being a media analyst, (changing it to “conspiracy theorist”) and claim the reason is that the citations were to “very poor sources.”

Editors also deleted the part of the article which said, “Dice runs a YouTube channel which has over 980,000 subscribers, and more than 300 million views,” which is very strange because my YouTube channel is a large part of my career. I have become the most popular conservative channel on the entire website, and Wikipedia won’t allow a reference to my channel or it’s statistics, because they’re trying to downplay my popularity and paint me as just some little known “conspiracy theorist.”

If I wasn’t so busy right now on projects, I’d sue Wikipedia to get a court order to fix my page. Maybe another time.

Later, Dice added:

UPDATE: I have been contacted by a senior member of Wikipedia and told there is a discussion going on about fixing my page, and calling me what I am, a media analyst. (see my previous post if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about) So, we’ll see. I might have to crowdfund lawsuits and start suing companies like Wikipedia, Facebook, and YouTube if they keep this crap up. I’m sick of being discriminated against and censored because I’m a conservative Christian.

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