Entertainment Weekly Politicizes the Movie ‘It’ and Quotes Stephen King Saying ‘We Just Elected Pennywise’

Entertainment Weekly ran an article Monday that initially seemed like it might bring some unity by showing that people, regardless of political affiliation, were enjoying the new adaptation of Stephen King’s film ‘It’ released in cinemas.

The article talks about the situation of the kids in the movie, comparing it to previous films like “Stand by Me.” It uses words like “joining forces” and “all for one, and one for all” which sounds great until you read on and realize this unity is not meant for everyone, but is intended as some kind of comfort for opponents of President Donald Trump.

EW quotes “It” director, Andy Muschietti: “Everyone needs reassurance that it’s good to be part of a group, and it’s great to come together against division and fear. Fear is used as a tool these days to divide and control and conquer. And hate is a tool. And that’s something Pennywise does, so that’s something resonating in our society right now.”

Many would agree with Muschietti’s statement that division, fear, and hate is generally not a good thing, but EW went on to say:

“One things that contributes to the frustration are those under the sway of the monster, who refuse to see the reality of what’s happening — much like the adults in It, all of them grotesques whose darkest sides are activated by the monster lurking below,” EW said. “King himself hit this comparison right on the red nose, joking in a speech at the Women’s March in Sarasota, Fla., last January: ‘We just elected Pennywise as president.'”

So, according to EW, comparing President Donald Trump to an evil clown is “right on the red nose.”

Andy Muschietti said the best thing that can happen is if people “take this as a parable about what it is to live in a culture of fear” and that we should “understand that we’re better than that. And we have to stick together against those producers of fear, and stay strong.”

One reader, Strawberryman, commented, “Can’t even enjoy a simple movie anymore without these ‘progressives’ bringing politics into it. ‘You see! Our political opponents are the evil villains and we’re the goody good guys.’ This is why I don’t call myself a liberal anymore.”

Personmed Ansikte, said, “It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people will wrap a story written in the 1980s around their hatred of current American culture. ‘He’s trying to divide us’ goes back to Sun Tzu, somewhere around 600 BCE, talking about the importance of carving up opponents to make them easier to destroy.”

Another reader jokingly demanded that all creepy clown statues and monuments be removed from public property immediately.

Stephen King – “Women’s March” Sarasota, Florida

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