Fake News Alert: Security Guard Has Not Been Arrested as Second Shooter In Las Vegas

A website www.cnn-internationaledition.com was registered a couple of days ago, and is misleading people into thinking it’s CNN. They just published an article called Breaking News – Police Arrest Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Compos As Second Shooter In Las Vegas Massacre.

The story is spreading across social media, and has been published on other sites as well now – but it’s fake news. To our knowledge the people running this site have no affiliation with the real CNN.

Security guard Jesus Campos was not arrested, and neither was “Jesus Compos” as his name has been misspelled.

From Lead Stories

Meanwhile the real CNN has reported that Campos was actually shot in the leg by the Mandalay Bay shooter and called in a warning to hotel security. No report has been made about his supposed arrest by any official source or mainstream news source.

The fake CNN site is part of a network of sites designed to look like local news outlets but which actually create and spread fake news, including:


According to Lead Stories, these sites usually keep fake news off their front pages to trick casual visitors, and are filled with regular news stories copied from other websites.