Fascism is on the Rise, But Not the Kind They’re Talking About

Just one day into 2017, and they’re at it again.

With thirty nine killed last night in Istanbul, and hordes of migrants again gathering in Cologne only to be rounded up by police, the message is very clear: The West now has a serious problem. You might hope the mainstream media would eventually perform their duty and report on this honestly? Well, give up hope.

Surfing through the “news” this morning I came across a prominent article in The Independent. It was an “exclusive” story titled British people fear fascism is spreading across the world, poll finds. And they’re correct. It is spreading across the world. Its name is Islamofascism, but The Independent’s article is of course referring to far-right Fascism, a minuscule movement in comparison. This kind of disingenuous reporting is only helping the rise of extremist Islam.

Islamofascism has never been a greater threat to the world than right now. The West (specifically the Left) has helped its rise to power by destabilizing dictatorships in the Middle East, funding rebels (ISIS) and welcoming radical Islamists into Europe while turning a blind eye to the resulting crime and terrorism. This has sent a green light to Islamic nations that the West has never been weaker.

During 2016 there were 2471 Islamic attacks in 61 countries in which 21223 people were killed, and 26652 injured. Let that sink in for a moment. And how many far-right terrorist attacks have there been in the same period?

Islamofascism has always been with us, but never before has its presence been felt so much in the West, thanks to open borders and reckless Left wing dogma. After every new attack, these same Left wing zealots will tell us far-right Fascism is the growing threat, and that’s where our focus should be. This kind of deceitful and agenda driven misinformation perpetuates the rise and rise of extreme Islam.

2016 saw the beginning of the push back. 2017 will see more of the same. The coming decades will be about fighting this Islamic fascism, and saving lives. Openly admitting and talking about this being the gravest threat to Western civilization bar none is the first step on a long road to recovery.

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