Female Veterans Dress Like 1940s-Style Pinups to Help Military Hospitals

A group of female veterans recently dressed as 1940s-style pinups, exchanging military uniforms for beautiful dresses and makeup, to raise money for military hospitals and cheer up other veterans. Some of the women are voluntarily touring the USA to visit veterans in the hospital.

Gina Elise, the founder of Pin-Ups For Vets, isn’t a veteran herself, but founded the organization in 2006. According to Elise, when the veterans in the hospitals realize the women dressed like pinups are also veterans, it’s a special moment. “Their eyes light up,” she said. “Their whole face brightens up. It’s really a blast from the past. A lot of them say, ‘Am I dreaming?'”

Elise explains why she started Pin-Ups For Vets (From Today)

“There were a lot of stories in the news about our troops coming back from Iraq, needing medical care, and I just felt that I wanted to do something to help out and I wanted to do something creative,” she said.

She thought of her grandfather, who had served in World War II, and how troops from that time used to paint images of women in pinup outfits on the side of their planes: “It provided a symbol of hope,” Elise said. “It provided such a morale boost … I thought I could utilize that concept.”

The women who pose for the calendars come from the Army, Navy, and Marines. Jennifer Marshall, a Navy veteran who appears in the 2018 calendar, said Elise “ensures that none of the veterans we visit feel forgotten or alone,” and that “every veteran deserves to know their sacrifice and service is appreciated, and Pin-Ups for Vets makes that happen.”