Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Run for School Boards to Help Stop Controversial Sex Education

Yesterday, Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, urged Christian parents to run for school boards so they can have input on controversial sex education being introduced.

“Parents beware and listen up,” Graham said. “Here’s an example of how dangerous our public schools have become for our children. This Oklahoma middle school was teaching 7th and 8th graders topics in their sex education class including mutual masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal sex as the ‘4 types’ of sex. It disturbed one 12-year-old student so much that she was in tears and asked to be taken out of the class.”

According to The Blaze, one of the parents at the school, Mandy Callihan, posted on Facebook that her 12-year-old daughter was too embarrassed to complete her sex education assignment. When Callihan saw the girl’s worksheet, she said she understood why.

“I was appalled at what someone in our school system had deemed appropriate to talk to my child about. My TWELVE year old child who still colors in coloring books…” Callihan wrote. “They most certainly did NOT say, ‘Hey moms and dads we’re gonna be teaching your very young sons and daughters about masturbating by themselves (and mutual masturbation with partners), spend some time talking about oral sex and anal sex.’”

Allegedly, one of the male teachers even told students “When you’re going down on a girl, and it looks like cauliflower, you need to just get up out of there.”

“This curriculum tried to make it more elementary by having kids fill in the blanks and referring to underwear zones,” Graham said. “This is all part of an agenda to pervert the minds and steal the innocence of children. It’s wrong, and it’s evil. Parents, be on guard. Get informed about what the schools are teaching your children. Get involved and let the school and the school board know this isn’t going to happen on your watch.”

Graham urged Christians across the country to run for local and state school boards to help put a stop to “initiatives” like this.

According to Callihan, she and her husband did contact the school superintendent, but claimed the school didn’t call her back until a week later, after the local news had picked up on the story.

At this time the class has reportedly been pulled for it to be “investigated,” but Callihan said she was told the program will continue in the coming years as per state requirements.

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