Geert Wilders Told Huge London Crowd That the British State Looked the Other way for Years When Thousands of Children Were Brutally Raped by Grooming Gangs

Dutch politician Geert Wilders spoke to a huge crowd at a London rally, where fed up Brits came out on behalf of activist Tommy Robinson who was arrested while speaking out against Muslim rape gangs.

Wilders said 75 years ago the British liberated the Netherlands from tyranny.

“And do you know how we used to call these British soldiers? We called them Tommies!” he said. “But today your government has put a Tommy in jail. Freedom is behind bars. Tommy is behind bars. And that is totally unacceptable, and that is why we say: Set him free!”

Wilders pointed out that Tommy is in jail while the British state looked the other way for years when thousands of English children and girls were brutally raped by grooming gangs.

“They refused to listen to the victims. They arrested fathers who tried to liberate their daughters. They left children in the hands of those gangs,” Wilders said. “But Tommy, my friends, Tommy acted. Tommy didn’t look in the other direction. He refused to ignore the problem. He gave voice to millions of Britons who were abandoned by the authorities. And when Tommy protested, the same authorities could not be fast enough to jail him and to gag the media.”

“So I ask you: Do you want to be Britain, or Saudi Arabia?” Wilders asked. “My friends, it was not Tommy who was breaching the peace, it was your government who was breaching the peace!”

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