Gender Stereotype Ads to Be Banned in UK

It is one thing to roll one’s eyes at a perceived gender stereotype in an advertisement. It’s quite another thing, however, to “ban” the use of the stereotype entirely, as the Advertising Standards Authority plans to do.

“In the latest 1984-style development in British society, adverts portraying women having sole responsibility for the housework look set to be axed by the Advertising Standards Authority,” Westmonster reported.

According to the Telegraph, the ASA will implement this ban because they “found evidence to support stronger rules on the basis that harmful stereotypes can restrict the choices, aspirations and opportunities of children, young people and adults.”

The new rules will reportedly not ban all stereotypes, just certain ones like “scenarios such as a woman having sole responsibility for cleaning up her family’s mess or a man trying and failing to do simple parental or household tasks.”

The ASA wants to influence the way society thinks by regulating what people are allowed to see or not see in product advertisements.

“Portrayals which reinforce outdated and stereotypical views on gender roles in society can play their part in driving unfair outcomes for people,” ASA chief executive Guy Parker said. “While advertising is only one of many factors that contribute to unequal gender outcomes, tougher advertising standards can play an important role in tackling inequalities and improving outcomes for individuals, the economy and society as a whole.”

Westmonster believes rules like these are “the start of a police state” and that the UK is becoming “a regimented, androgynous nation that would rather please nobody than offend anybody.”

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