George Soros’ Global Commission on Drug Policy: Stop Using Words Like ‘Addict’ or ‘Junkie’ – Drug Users are Victims of Discrimination

George Soros’ Global Commission on Drug Policy asserts that drug users should no longer be referred to as addicts or junkies, but called “person who uses drugs” instead.

“The commission, backed by Virgin tycoon Richard Branson and former Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg, says drug users are victims of discrimination. It called for an end to negative language around their habits, to ensure that their human rights are respected,” RT UK said.

From the report:

“Commonly encountered terms such as junkie, drug abuser and crackhead are alienating, and designate people who use drugs as others – morally flawed or inferior individuals. Such stigma and discrimination, combined with the criminalization of drug use, are directly related to the violation of the human rights of people who use drugs in many countries.

“Therefore, in order to change how drug consumption is considered and how people use drugs are treated, we need to shift our perceptions, and the first step is to change how we speak.”

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