Gibson Hotel Cancels Rape Survivors Event Because Pro-Abortion Activists Threaten to Protest

Three women in Ireland planned to speak at an event scheduled at the Gibson Hotel called, “Ending the Silence: women impacted by pregnancy from rape speak out.” Two of them are rape survivors, and the other was conceived in rape. The ladies have been forced to change venues, however, because the Gibson Hotel feared protests from pro-abortion activists.

Reportedly, this is the second pro-life event cancelled in Dublin within a week due to pro-abortion protest threats. A different event in the Aisling Hotel was cancelled as well after “intimidation from abortion campaigners,” Life Site reported.

“Whatever your views on abortion, I think most people would recognise that these women have an important part to play in the debate – and that their voices are rarely heard. It is frankly disgusting that abortion campaigners want to silence them,” a Life Institute spokeswoman said.

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