Google Employee Starts GoFundMe to Send Confederate Statues to Trump’s Estate

Brian Farnham, listed on Twitter as the “Head of Media — Local Content & Community at Google” started a GofundMe Campaign to send all Confederate statues to President Trump’s estate or, as he puts it, “raise money to remove and ship ALL these monuments celebrating treasonous racists to Mar-a-Lago.”

Farnham refers to President Trump as “President Moral Black Hole,” “President Drunk Uncle,” and “President Cluefree Hatehugger.”

“We have no idea how many statues there are or how much it will cost to ship them all to Palm Beach, but we’re starting the fund at $1 million,” Farnham said. “It seems like a small price to pay to bring President Soulless Talking Garbage together with people who really reflect his true self.”

Farnham notes: “If the logistics of shipping statues to Mar-a-Lago prove insurmountable, any and all funds collected here will instead be donated to the Anti-Defamation League.”

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