GQ Attacks Trump For Not Calling For Death Penalty For Vegas Shooter – A Man Who is Already Dead

GQ Magazine, in what appears to be a rush to criticize President Trump, published an article by Jay Willis with a headline bashing the president for calling for the death penalty for the New York terrorist who murdered 8, but not the Las Vegas shooter who killed 58. They had to correct the article once they remembered you can’t give the death penalty to a man who is already dead.

The tweet that inspired GQ’s criticism.

GQ later added a note to the bottom of the hit piece saying “An earlier version of this article used a headline noting that Trump had publicly called for the death penalty in the New York attack, but not the Las Vegas shooting in particular. That discrepancy is probably related to the fact that the Las Vegas shooter is dead. We regret the error.”

Thanks to Grace Carr of the Daily Caller
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore