Hero Police Officer Fought London Bridge Terrorists With Just a Baton

PC Wayne Marques of British Transport Police told the BBC how he fought against the three London bridge terrorists who drove people over, then got out of their vehicle to stab pedestrians, killing eight people, and injuring 48 others on June 3.

“This guy’s on the floor and was pleading for his life, and the first attacker, without any mercy, stands over him and continues attacking him,” PC Marques said.

Marques tried to take the first attacker out in one go, swinging his baton as hard as he could, and aiming for the terrorist’s head; but while he was fighting, he received a “massive whack” to the right side of his own head, which he thought was a metal pole or bar, but then realized was a knife. That’s when PC Marques lost vision in his right eye.

Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane, Youssef Zaghba

“I’m staring at them with one eye, and baton in my hand, and the three of them are staring at me – and we’re in like some kind of Mexican standoff, like it’s almost like a surreal cowboy movie getting ready to draw,” Marques said. “I’m just getting ready for them to rush me. We were staring at each other for anywhere between ten and thirty seconds.”

PC Marques sized the men up during this standoff. “The short one – he was the one that I heard saying ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.’ He said it a few times, eyes bulging.”

PC Marques fought all three terrorists for what he believes to be about 90 second, and the attacker who was still on the ground stabbed him in the leg. Eventually, the attackers ran, and more police arrived. PC Marques was injured, his mouth full of blood, and he began giving an arriving officer “last messages” to his family before he lost consciousness.

Fortunately, PC Marques regained sight in his right eye, but says he still thinks about the eight people he wasn’t able to help.

Editor’s note: PC Marques’ statement that the terrorist said ‘Allahu Akbar’ was reported on the BBC site, but does not appear in the BBC News video below.

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