How The Left Fell in 2016

In 2016 we’ve seen it all from the Left. Both Brexit and the Trump victory have stirred a hornet’s nest of anger, resentment and sheer disbelief from the Left wing that people might dare to have a different view to their own. And hell hath no fury like a left winger scorned!

The UK referendum saw David Cameron (pretending to be a Right winger) warn the British that leaving the EU would result in an economic disaster, more expensive foreign holidays, higher mobile roaming rates, and nuclear Armageddon. The Left wing mainstream media rose to the task and smeared Leave voters as racist, xenophobic and uneducated. The tragic death of labour politician Jo Cox was shamelessly exploited by the Remain camp. Even Barack Obama visited to warn Brits they’d be “at the back of the queue” for trade deals. Polls were hastily carried out, all giving the same resounding victory to the Remain campaign.

But then something happened. The British people voted, and suddenly the whole fraudulent house of cards came crashing down. Britain voted to leave the EU.

Now at this point some bells might be ringing. You may be noticing a similarity to the 2016 Presidential elections in the USA. Donald Trump was branded a racist, sexist, tax evading fascist. His supporters were labelled the same, and called the “deplorables.” The MSM almost unanimously backed Hillary Clinton, ignoring her dubious track record, calling black criminals “super predators,” and allegations of suppressing alleged victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual misdemeanors. Polls were carried out, and all predicted a landslide victory for glorious Hillary.

But then something happened. The American people voted, and suddenly the whole fraudulent house of cards came crashing down… again. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America.

The parallels are extraordinary. Firstly for the obvious swing to the Right in both regions, but also for the immoral and dishonest conduct of the Left wing in a desperate fight to prevent it. I believe it’s this type of conduct that partly led to the rise of the Right. When the MSM is so clearly biased and one sided, eventually the public will become aware of it and resent it. The BBC for example is compulsory tax payer funded, and meant to be balanced in reporting. But the BBC is anything but balanced. Its panels consist of Left wingers, its news reporting is Left wing slanted, and any news not fitting the narrative is simply ignored. Leave voters were completely unrepresented. In America, CNN is jokingly called the Clinton News Network (though they may have to find a different name now). Trump’s character was repeatedly smeared by new alleged victims of sexual assault appearing as if on a schedule in the lead up to the election. Predictably, once the election was over they all vanished.

So where does this leave us? Given the majority vote of no confidence in the Left, you might have expected some changes and introspection. But no, the opposite has occurred. Remain campaigners in Britain have doubled-down in their fight to stay in the EU, even denouncing the democratic referendum as void because “voters were lied to.” The irony of this statement either eludes them, or they are still willfully dishonest. Not everything in the Leave campaign was accurate, but the Remain campaign’s sheer misinformation and hysteria was outrageous and offensive.

Trump voter beaten in Chicago

And in the USA, have the Left bowed down gracefully? Well, no. Rioting in the streets, marches rejecting Trump as President, violent attacks on Trump supporters, sustained slurs on Trump’s character and further attacks on Trump’s assembled team. Yes, just as with Brexit, the campaign of petulance shows no sign of ending. Whether it be actors in New York pausing the performance to lecture Mike Pence sitting in the audience on what they expect of him, or an old man beaten and dragged by a car in Chicago for voting Trump, the immorality continues. Not every Republican voter is an angel, obviously. But there are simply no parallels to this appalling conduct.

But all this is nothing new is it? When asking why did the Left fall in 2016, you only have to consider their behavior to see the answer. University students demanding “safe spaces” and no-platforming speakers they don’t like. Over-using words like racist so much that it has lost most of its power. Using the word fascist to label anyone with Right wing views. Calling Trump “literally Hitler.” The MSM so biased it was hard to find a different perspective anywhere. The Democrats continuing their warmongering ways, and not learning from previous horrific “regime change”.

But perhaps the real nail in the coffin for the Left in 2016 was their unrelenting program of immigration, both legal and illegal, crushing working class wages and lowering living standards for ordinary working people who were shouted down as racist if they so much as questioned what was happening. While law abiding people followed procedures and immigrated officially, huge numbers of illegals apparently faced no barriers whatsoever and were even offered an amnesty. That hardly encouraged people to follow the law.

But the bigger and more insidious side of immigration was Islamic terrorism. Angela Merkel of Germany took it upon herself to invite thousands of unverified migrants into the EU. This was possibly the straw that broke the camel’s back for Britain. And this same issue of terrorism may have been the final straw for American voters. Trump’s promise to build a wall along the Mexican border and arrange intensive vetting for Muslim immigrants could well have won him the Presidency. While Obama was struggling to even link Islam with ISIS, and Trump was labelled a racist for confronting terrorism head on, the people wanted a war on terror not on Assad and Russia. Trump made it clear he wanted peace with Russia. While Hillary targeted Assad at any cost to human life, Trump knew an allied US-Russian assault on ISIS was what the public really wanted. And he was proven right.

If anything positive can be learnt from this momentous year, I believe it’s that the voting public are not as gullible and apathetic as politicians and activists would like. It appears no amount of MSM misrepresentations and twisted truths will mislead the people in the end. Historically, political movements swing from Left to Right periodically in democracies. And this swing was long overdue. But we have to be on guard and aware that some are attacking the democracy that brought about this change in an attempt to reverse the swing. Legal action to delay Brexit and rioting against Trump amounts to the same thing, i.e. resistance to the democratic process when things don’t go their way. Ironically the democratic system allowed them freedom to protest in the first place.

Rarely has the Left been so out of control, and rarely has it been slapped down so hard.

J.L. Foxsten was born in London, but has visited most places in the world. At one time he worked behind the scenes with audio in the mainstream media. More recently, he was a big supporter of Brexit. In his spare time, Foxsten likes to play guitar and work in the garden.

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