Illegal Migrant Who Threatened to Kill Everyone in Church and ‘All the English’ Walks Free

Zana Hassan, 29, who entered the UK illegally in 2008, got drunk and stormed a Methodist church in Barnard Castle, County Durham, on Sunday July 9. It was there he threatened to kill all the churchgoers as he walked straight to the front, shouting and swearing in front of everyone, including children. Worshipers tried and failed to escort Hassan out, and when police arrived to arrest him, he shouted that he would kill them, and all the English.

“Despite living in the UK for nine years, Iraqi Zana Hassan boasted how much he hated the English before storming into a Methodist church during Sunday service,” the Express reported.

Magistrates asked the Crown Prosecution Service to review the case to see if Hassan should face more serious charges, but CPS lawyers said it was a “low-level disorder” and declined, allowing Hassan to walk free. Hassan’s only punishment was an order to stay 100 yards away from the Methodist church where he threatened to kill people.

In spite of being in the UK illegally, threatening to kill churchgoers, and professing his hatred for the English (with a clear intent to kill all of them), Hassan is not being deported or even serving jail time.

Mitigating, Ben Pagman revealed Hassan had been in the UK since 2008 “but was effectively here illegally without permission to remain. He said because he had no National Insurance number he could not work or claim benefits and so had got drunk,” the Express reported.

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