Israel’s Prime Minister Takes a Stand For Persecuted Christians and Calls out Iran’s Hypocrisy

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video calling out the hypocrisy of Iran’s Islamic regime after Iran’s foreign minister tweeted Christmas greetings while their government raids Christian meetings and imprisons believers for practicing their faith.

From The Prime Minister of Israel

Get a load of this. A few days ago Iran’s foreign minister tweeted a very happy and peaceful Christmas to all. I wonder what the Christians jailed this month in Iran would think about that tweet? I wonder what Iranian youth would think about that tweet, but sadly the regime bans Twitter – except, of course, if you’re a high ranking official.

Imagine you’re praying quietly in your home surrounded by your family, and all of a sudden armed thugs burst in and drag you away to prison. They torture you merely for practicing your Christian faith. Welcome to Iran.

Saying Merry Christmas while jailing Christians in your own country is the height of hypocrisy. If you stand for freedom, share this message. If you stand against hypcrosy, share this message. And above all, say a quiet prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of this cruel Iranian regime.

We stand with you, brothers and sisters. The world stands with you.