Jayda Fransen Who Trump Retweeted Says She Faces Two Years in Jail For This Speech

Yesterday Pres. Trump outraged some British leaders, the Mayor of London, and even the Archbishop of Canterbury, by retweeting three videos shared by Jayda Fransen, a leader in the Britain First political group that the mainstream media and many politicians in the UK label “far right,” and “Islamophobic.”

Today, Fransen tweeted that this is the speech that got her arrested in London, transported by van and boat for fourteen hours to Belfast, then charged and facing two years in jail.

Transcript of speech in video below

I’ve said this many times. The biggest threat to civilization across the world is Islam, without a doubt. Just switch the news on and it could be in London. It could be in Manchester. It could be in Germany. It could be in Brussels. It could be in Africa. We are at war with Islam. The world is at war with Islam.

Jihad and Islam are one and the same. It’s not a separate entity, and for those of you who have bothered to read any of the Islamic scriptures – and I know they’re not pleasant – you’ll know that the Koran, the Hadiths, they are riddled with instructions for every single Muslim, not just the extremists, not just ISIS. Don’t listen to that nonsense. Every single Muslim is obliged to kill you and your husbands and your wives and your children. Are we getting this yet?

We are in danger, and do we recognize it? There is no moderate Islam. Forget it. Anyone peddling that narrative. That gaggle over there, they want you to believe that there are extremists in Islam, and that there are moderates. There are no moderates. There’s no moderate version of Islam.

Islam says every single one of you wonderful people here today deserves to be killed. Every single one of you. What for? Because you don’t believe in their false prophet. Because you don’t believe in a prophet who took a child bride or committed genocide, mass murder. That’s your only crime. You all deserve to die for it just like I do.

And you know, we talk about the different forms of terror. It’s quite obvious when something is an inherent problem. See, I know over here you guys have suffered. I know this. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Over on the mainland there is an element of ignorance, and you only have to come here to speak to people to recognize the suffering. I know what you have suffered, and I know what you continue to go through. And I understand that the terrorism waged by Republicans is just as bad as the Muslims, and I plan to stand with every one of you to fight the bloody lot of them.

The speech that Fransen said got her arrested is not what Pres. Trump passed along on Twitter. Rather, he retweeted three videos that were meant to show examples of Muslim violence. It is unknown if the president even knew who Fransen was when he retweeted the videos she posted, but it caused a stir in the UK, particular with those who hold the Muslim community in high regard like PM Theresa May, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby who are often vocal in condemning “Islamophobia.”

Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim Mayor who has had ongoing disagreements with Pres. Trump, made it clear he does not want the U.S. president to visit the United Kingdom. This was his response to Trump retweeting something posted by Fransen.