John Kerry Audio Reveals USA Sat Back and Watched ISIS Grow

New audio leaked by Wikileaks has confirmed what many suspected, Barack Obama’s approach to ISIS was to simply let it run amok and grow. Why? To destabilize Bashar Assad, ruler of Syria. The idea was to increase the pressure on him until he caved in and agreed to negotiate. Kerry admits the reason the plan failed was Russia stepping in to crush ISIS, and effectively carry out the will of most sane people.

The mainstream media’s claims that Putin has been responsible for civilian deaths in Syria seems intensely hypocritical now. Russian bombing has killed innocents by accident rather than design, but ISIS has killed more than Russia intentionally. With global opinion wanting an end to ISIS, and relying on Western powers to do the job, Obama was actually doing the opposite; and one can only guess how many more lives would be lost if Assad was toppled by ISIS.

It’s likely President Elect Donald Trump will reverse this policy. His warmth towards Russia has indicated a thawing in relations. Maybe there is now hope that the evil death cult we call ISIS will finally be defeated.

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