Kat Kerr’s Christmas Message

Kat Kerr, considered a revelator from God by many Christians in Charismatic churches, gives a Christmas message from her official Facebook page.

TEXT OF KAT KERR’S VIDEO (transcribed by Sevenstar)

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the special time of the year, and aren’t you glad we can actually say Merry Christmas again? All of heaven is saying that. I know there’s many different opinions about this time of the year if you’re a believer in Christ, but even he celebrates this wonderful time of the year; a time of giving, caring, and sharing. I want you to know right now if you’ve been sitting on a shelf waiting for something to happen, get off that shelf, get your crown on, because even at Christmas we need to take power over the enemy, trash and bash them with the host of heaven and throw them in a dry place.

Get ready everyone who knows about ruling, because we’re about to do that together. What a wonderful Christmas present for our country is for those who watch on the wall with the hosts of heaven to take authority and defeat the enemy’s plan against our country. Yes, I know we have a military, but we have a bigger one up there [Kat gestures up] watching over us and warring for us than we do down here, and one day they’re going to actually work together. How about that for a prophetic word? One day the hosts will work together with an army. I’m looking forward to these days. So exciting to be alive, but I do sincerely want to say Merry Christmas to yours, to your family. You have a great future. You’re going to be so much further along this time next year. For all of you who had to have a helping hand given to you this year, God said next year you will be giving out to others, and helping others.

We this year for the first time got to bless so many families that were in need and needed food. They didn’t have anything to give each other, but let me tell you God opened many doors for us to do that, and I am delighted. There’s a lot of things I confused my own personal money for, but you know what? I have enough of my Dad in me that I love people, and I must help people. That’s why Christ came, to take care of each other, to help each other.

This, according to heaven, is one of the most amazing times on planet earth – Christmas – when we actually celebrate the birth of Christ. If you want to know, newsflash from heaven: They don’t care that he wasn’t born on December 25. They love this time of year because so many people give that never gave before, they forgive that haven’t forgiven in years, they bring restoration to their families this time of the year, they help, they share what they have with others who have nothing. The hearts of men get melted, and because there’s a spirit of love loosed on the earth right now in Christmas.

Just for those who don’t know about St. Nick, the original one who didn’t live in America, he lived in a foreign country [Editor’s note: Turkey] He was a staunch supporter of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to tell you that Nicholas – yes, I’m talking about St. Nick – they show him wearing a red suit right now; he lives in heaven. He still gives gifts to children. That’s his gift. That’s what God called him to do on this earth. He was a very wealthy man. Some people know that, but maybe you didn’t know this: He had a staff that was so powerful he carried with him everywhere. He would get his sleigh all hooked up and pile it full of presents, and take it to the children back in his day. They would put shoes outside their doors, and he would fill them with gifts, and then somebody started taking them, so he had them start using stockings. That’s where that whole thing came from. It didn’t come from some pagan religion or pagan worship. Let me tell you, everything God has that he loves, the enemy steals it, perverts it, twists it, and makes it into something of his own – but Christmas never belonged to him.

They celebrate it in heaven. They have these massive trees still filled with little stars, the stars sing worship to Jesus Christ. Christ comes to a place in heaven called Christmas town. I’ll tell you more about that later on in the week, but I have seen it. Some little girl was caught up to heaven. She didn’t know anything I’d said before. She came back and told her dad ‘I saw Christmas land.’ There were these beautiful trees filled with stars, huge presents underneath them for everybody. There was snow all over this place, some of it was colored, and when you made something it came to life. How about that? Life is everywhere in heaven, but right now life is supposed to be everywhere in you, in the body of Christ. We’re supposed to reveal heaven to earth, we’re supposed to live heaven culture by loving one another, creating and inventing in this amazing time. God has one purpose planned for us as the body, to shine like the stars in the heavens.

I can tell you that God’s excited right now for America because we’re going to become a pattern for the rest of the world to live by, to run after. I can tell you no one is going to escape being touched by the Spirit of God in this time, and I know. I’ve seen those days far ahead, and it gets better and better. Darkness gets crushed down and pushed back. If fear is bothering you right now, I cast out every spirit of fear, every spirit of violence right now attacking people in our country, in my country. I will not tolerate it anymore, and you need to to not tolerate fear or violence anywhere around you. You have authority, you have power over all the power of the enemy. So get ready all those who know how to rule with the king of kings. Get ready with your army, your hosts of heaven are our mighty weapon. Let’s say this together. I take power over all the power of the enemy operating in ISIS who are about to have a crisis right now, and I command you hosts of heaven to go and pull down every plot and plan of the enemy, expose any violent acts that are being pointed at our country right now, or planning to do violence in our country. Expose every plot and plan, trash and bash every demonic being that’s involved in controlling and empowering the ISIS right now in America. I command you hosts of heaven, trash them, bash them, throw them in a dry place. Push back darkness because I’ll not tolerate it anywhere around me, in my country, and any of the plans God has for us on this holy day of the year to celebrate the birth of Christ, to worship with freedom, liberty and justice as God intends us to.

I thank you hosts of heaven, you will intervene and interfere with every single plan of any acts of violence, expose it totally and completely before it ever happens, and if any of you think you are more powerful than the living God, you are like ants next to him. He holds the very air you breathe, and you are getting a warning from heaven right now. You better stop the violence or you will be removed from this earth. I wouldn’t want to come against the living God, because he is in charge right now. This is his time on this earth, and holiness is going to reign through the body of Christ. Power and authority will rule and reign through us as the body of Christ, with Jesus Christ, the son of the one true living God who made you, who made me, and he wants us all to be free. So don’t fill yourself with violence. We represent Christ on this earth. He operated in power and glory and joy and celebration. Don’t be afraid to celebrate! Heaven is celebrating, I’m celebrating with them. We’re going to make a birthday cake for Jesus, and sing happy birthday to him….

Anyway, I want to say truly… Merry Christmas to you. Don’t really be concerned with all the violence. You know God’s put his man in the white house right now to rule in this country with Jesus Christ. He is a believer. He’s going to learn how to use the hosts of heaven.

I want you to know that God has blessed me. I will be in D.C. on the day of the inauguration, and I will make sure that none of the enemy raises up their ugly head against God’s day. You keep watch over your own city. You rule and reign with Jesus Christ in the spirit realm over all the demonic. That is our privilege and our honor through what Christ paid the price for. He came to bring life, and life more abundantly. Begin to ask for abundant life for yourself. If you’re in any situation where you need help, you cry out to the living God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness sake, and everything you need will be added unto you. I know. I live that way. I’m looking forward to spending more time with you, to doing these videos more often, to encourage you, help empower you, let you run your divine race. Make a difference and shine like the stars in heavens. We have the keys to the kingdom. We belong to Jesus Christ. We have his word, his name, his blood. We walk in his power. Don’t tolerate fear or sickness or confusion in your life. Kick it out, and be free in Jesus name. Merry Christmas to you, and to all a goodnight!

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