London Kidnappers Sent to Jail

Four Londoners, who were found guilty in May of kidnapping an 18 year old man, were sentenced to jail on Monday.

Haris Khan, 22 of Hounslow, and Courtnie Green, 22, of Feltham, have been sentenced to serve 15 years. Brendan Makumbi, 21, was sentenced to 13 years, and Chayce Greene, 19, of Feltham, 11 years.

The men committed the crime in October 2016, when the four targeted an 18 year old man at Kingston town centre, forcing him into Khan’s car.  They punched the victim twice, then drove him to a garage in Hanworth where they ordered him to strip.

“Khan then took off his belt and began to beat the victim while Makumbi hit him with a stick. The assault lasted around 10 minutes. Khan ordered one of the group to start filming the attack,” according to Met Police. “The victim was also burnt with a cigarette lighter. The violence only ceased when a car drove past the garage. Khan ordered the victim to get dressed, and the group then drove to another address in Hanworth.”

The victim managed to get away from the four men after they took him to the new location, and he contacted police outside of London.

Detective Sergeant Jamie Hunter of Hounslow praised the victim for his bravery, and for supporting the investigation. He also credited the investigating officer, DC Jim Coleman, for gathering compelling evidence. “It is his hard work that has resulted in this positive outcome,” Sergeant Hunter said.

The identity of the victim has not been released yet.

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